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Shamrock Rescue Foundation
Shamrock Rescue Foundation saves dogs and other animals who are in danger of being put to death in public shelters.  These animals often have little to no hope of a better life, or of a life, period. Without our intervention, many animals now living happy lives with loving families would not have had a chance. We do not discriminate as to breed, size or age. We are advocates for all animals who cannot be advocates for themselves. Our dogs are in foster homes or boarded until permanent homes can be found for them.

All of our animals are examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible after we get them. Blood work is performed to ensure that they are healthy, or if they aren't, how we can get them healthy. If health care is necessary, we provide it. All are microchipped, spayed and neutered. Rescue costs, medical costs, boarding costs, and feeding (we want to make sure our animals stay healthy!) add up.

Please help us help them by donating today!

Maryanne Dell, CPDT-KA
Maryanne Dell has been rescuing and finding homes for dogs since 1991. She started Pet Lovers Network, an informal, private adoption group, with a friend in 1997. In 2006, Charice and Ron King kindly decided to begin helping her efforts, and Shamrock Rescue Foundation was born.  When she isn't rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, Maryanne is training them (She's a Certified Professional Dog Trainer) or competing in nose work with her pups Fly and Jitterbug. Maryanne has been a journalist for more than 30 years and is an editor and columnist at The Orange County Register, where her dog & animals column appears monthly on the Monday Pets page of the Life Section. 

Shamrock Rescue Foundation is a Nonprofit Charity, 501 (c)(3)
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